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Cameron & Alex joined Edith White on “Building a Better Life” on WHOV 88.1 FM today.  Check it out to learn more about making a voting plan for tomorrow and about how important your vote really is.

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Checklist: Get Ready for Tuesday!

Only 1 day until Election Day! Are you ready?!  We’ve crafted a handy dandy checklist for you to help make sure you’re well prepared.

Do you know who and what is going to be on your ballot? Do you have valid photo ID? Do you know where your polling place is located? Do you have reliable transportation to and from your polling place? What time of day are you going? Will you make it in time for work or other commitments? Are your family and friends as prepared as you?

Election Day checklist


Check out your Citizen Portal:

Rides to the Polls for Seniors!

Free Rides to the polls 2017

We are 2 days away from Election Day!! Do you have a ride? In Hampton and Newport News, Yellow Cab is offering free rides to the polls for senior citizens, over 60 years old without their own transportation. To arrange your free ride, contact the Peninsula Agency on Aging by noon tomorrow, Nov 6th, and they’ll help you set up a ride: (757) 873-0541.

You will be asked for your telephone number, pickup address, voting location and requested pickup time. To find your voting location, you can go to

Taxis will wait while voters cast their ballot and riders will be asked to sign a voucher, but not pay.

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Be sure to pass this along to anyone who may need a ride! Share it with your family, friends, church members, clients, customers, etc!

Last Minute Tips for Tuesday

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Tuesday is Election Day!  Here are some last minute tips to help you get ready!

Last Minute Tips

  • If you’ve recently moved within VA and did not update your registration in time, you can still vote in this election! You just have to return to the locality in which you are registered.


  • If you or someone you know is unable to stand in line on Election Day you may take advantage of curbside voting. Have someone who drove you or rode with you to the polls go inside and let the election official know that you need curbside voting. They will send someone out and you can vote from the vehicle.


  • If for some unfortunate reason the official working at your polling place informs you that you cannot vote at this time (i.e. lack of ID) you can ask to cast a provisional ballot. You can also call the Voter Protection Hotline at 844-4VA-VOTE if there are any issues.


  • What are YOU doing to help get out the vote? It is crucial for everyone’s voice to be heard and we need your help! Send this info to 10 of your friends that live in Virginia!


What’s your Photo ID?

What’s your photo ID?

We are only 6 days away from the Election! Did you know you need to have a photo ID to vote? According to Virginia’s voter ID laws you must show valid photo identification in order to vote. Valid forms of ID include a driver’s license, passport,  state ID, employee ID military ID, and student ID. You can also obtain a Voter ID card for FREE from your local registrar. The Newport News Voter Registrar’s Office is located at 2500 Washington Ave. The Hampton Voter Registrar’s Office is located at 1919 Commerce Drive.

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