Selfcare Sundays

Each Sunday, we try to share a tip for the revolutionary act of Self-Care! Check back often for updates and new posts!

Lately, I’ve been trying to find ways to practice #SelfLove. One practice I’ve tried is singing a love song in the mirror to myself every day. This simple, & rather silly, practice has really helped me realize how intentional we have to be when it comes to #SelfCare.
When we make our schedules, we often think of all the things we have to do, and scheduling time for ourselves can be pushed off. This week we hope you schedule some for rest. Thank you to @ablackfemaletherapist for your guidance on rest. #SelfCareSunday
This #SelfCareSunday we want you to focus on things that will help you grow. It can be very easy to get down on yourself and fixate on negative thoughts, but we challenge you to invest your energy into positivity & self-love today!
Image credit: @journey_to_wellness_

Thank you to @ablackfemaletherapist and @anxiousblackgirlcomics for this week’s #SelfCareSunday reminder! Our energy and mental wellness are important & we should be careful not to burn ourselves out personally or professionally. Be sure to take steps this week to protect and/or restore your peace. đź’›

Rest is essential. Thank you to @thenapministry for their guidance on how to rest our hearts, bodies, and souls. Join us and taking a rest for Self Care Sunday!

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