Election Day Info!


Today, is Election Day!

Polls are open in Virginia until 7:00pm.  And voting is EASY!

Here are some reminders!


  • Stand with Gov. McAuliffe, Lt. Gov. Northam, US Senator Warner, Congressman Scott, State Senator Mamie Locke, Delegate Price, the Daily Press, the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Virginia AFL-CIO and MANY MORE  to VOTE NO ON #1 – Stand up for working families in Virginia! Tell the General Assembly to keep their hands off of our Constitution! (See previous post)


  • The 93rd House District and the 1st Senate District have Special Elections!


  • If you or someone you know can’t walk in to the polling location, you can request curbside assistance for them from one of the election officials at the poll.



  • If you are in line by 7:00pm, you must be permitted to vote! But don’t wait until the last minute, go now if you can!


  • Take with you your photo ID! If you don’t have one, head to your voter registrar’s office NOW to get one! Don’t wait!

Have Questions? Call Election Protection Hotlines:



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