7 Days, 7 Topics: Does your vote matter?

Day 7: Does Your Vote Matter?

So tomorrow, Tuesday November 8th, is Election Day.  We will be voting on who will lead our nation, who will represent you in Congress, if the proposed amendments make it into the Virginia Constitution, and who will represent you for special elections in the 1st Senate and 93rd House districts.  Does your vote matter?


  • Your vote is your voice and your chance to say who you want to represent you, if you want to protect corporations or protect working families, and how you want the nation and Commonwealth to move forward.  The President, Congressional Representative, Amendments, and Special Elections will be decided whether you show up or not… Don’t you want to exercise your right to have your say?


  • Elections also have implications beyond just who wins.  Decisions will be made by our leaders that impact our everyday lives, today and for generations to come.  Your vote helps choose who makes those decisions.


  • Voter participation percentages send messages!  Large voting numbers in specific areas or among specific demographics can equate to more attention and resources.  Squeaky wheels get the oil!  Show that you are engaged, active, and aware.  Vote!


  • Also, if that doesn’t do it… Krispy Kreme is giving out free donuts on Tuesday if you’re wearing your “I Voted” sticker.  So there’s that. 🙂


Our Director, Marcia Price submitted a Letter to the Editor for the Daily Press. Check it out!

Raise your voice

The presidential candidates have made the case for their visions of our country’s future. We know their platforms, perspectives and personalities. On Tuesday, we will choose our next president.

Elections have consequences that reverberate for generations, and this may be the most consequential election in our lifetime. On day one of our next president’s administration, she or he will fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. That decision alone will determine if the right to vote will be protected for millions of Americans, if a woman has the right to make her own health care decisions, and if every American can enjoy the same equality and freedom no matter who they are and who they love.

This is not a question of just temperament and experience, although those are hugely important. What is essentially on the ballot in this election are two different visions for America… (edited for this site)

At any given time, there are at least 15 elected officials that represent you, making decisions about your life. Your vote is how you have a voice in who is chosen. In this election, we are choosing the leader of our nation and the Congress that will help get things done. They will be chosen whether you show up or not!

Don’t wake up on Wednesday and regret that you chose not to participate in this historic moment.

Let’s make history, together.

Del. Marcia S. “Cia” Price, 95th District, Newport News

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