7 Days, 7 Topics: YOUR Ballot

Day 3: YOUR Ballot

So now you’re registered to vote and know where to vote – do you know WHAT you’ll be voting for/against on November 8th?

What’s On Your Ballot?

  • President of the United States
  • US House of Representatives (Congress)
  • 1st Senatorial District – Special Election -not everyone, just the people who live in the 1st Senate District
  • 93rd House District – Special Election -not everyone, just the people who live in the 93rd House District

***If you’re not sure if you are in the 1st Senatorial District or the 93rd House District, you can sign into your Citizen Portal and scroll down to “My Ballot” and click “Show Ballot    +”   You will see all of the items that will be on your personal ballot.  You can also scroll down to “Districts” and see all of the districts you are in based on your address.  www.tinyurl.com/VACitizenPortal

Proposed Constitutional Amendments:  In addition to the candidates running for office, we will vote on Two Proposed Amendments to the VA State Constitution!  See how they will appear on your ballot www.tinyurl.com/2016BallotQuestions

  1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment Question 1: Right to Work

According to VA AFL-CIO – “Our constitution was designed to protect the rights of the citizens of the commonwealth. Amendment 1, however, is designed by a handful of powerful corporate interests to silence the voices of hardworking Virginians. It is unnecessary, wastes taxpayer money and would be nearly impossible to reverse. Amendment 1 has no place in the Virginia constitution.  Priorities matter, and for the lawmakers behind this scheme, it’s clear they don’t have Virginia’s best interests at the top of their list. We need policies that put our families first, protect workers and help strengthen our communities. It’s time to protect Virginia’s constitution and our working families.”  http://www.va-aflcio.org/news/downloads-materials

Also, find a “Right to Work” Fact Sheet here: http://wrongforeveryone.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/rtwfactsheet.pdf

We urge a “NO” vote for Proposed Amendment Question 1!!

Other groups and sources urging a NO vote on #1 include Governor McAuliffe, Congressman Bobby Scott, Senator Mamie Locke,  Del. Krizek, the Daily Press, The Richmond Times Dispatch,  Del. Plum, Del. Price, and others!

  1. Proposed Constitutional Amendment Question 2: First Responders

This amendment would allow a property tax exemption for surviving spouses of first responders who have died in the line of duty.


****Don’t forget, you can sign into your Citizen Portal and scroll down to “My Ballot” and click “Show Ballot    +” to see this information based on your address www.tinyurl.com/VACitizenPortal

For more info on voting, please visit: www.tinyurl.com/VABLOCVoterInfo

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  1. […] Stand with Gov. McAuliffe, Lt. Gov. Northam, US Senator Warner, Congressman Scott, State Senator Mamie Locke, Delegate Price, the Daily Press, the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Virginia AFL-CIO and MANY MORE  to VOTE NO ON #1 – Stand up for working families in Virginia! Tell the General Assembly to keep their hands off of our Constitution! (See previous post) […]


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