Drop Off Your Ballot!

This a friendly reminder that you can return your absentee ballot to a dropbox!!!

Newport News Voter Registrar’s Office: 6th Floor of City Hall
Monday – Friday 8 am-5 pm until June 5th
Saturday, May 29th, 9am-5 pm
Saturday, June 5th, 9am-5 pm

Newport News Satellite Office: City Center, Waterworks Building
Today until 5 pm
Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm (May 24th-June 5th)
Saturdays 9am-5pm
Election Day: 9am-5pm

Hampton Voter Registrar’s Office: 1919 Commerce Drive, Suite 280
Monday – Friday 8:30 am-5 pm until June 5th
Saturday, May 29th, 9 am-5 pm
Saturday, June 5th, 9 am-5 pm

Election Day: 6 am-7 pm ANY Polling Location in YOUR city You can drop your completed ballot off at a drop box located at ANY precinct in Hampton or Newport News, regardless of your specific polling place.

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