Erase the Debt!

Care Project Promo Flyer (1)


The issue: In 2018, to qualify for free school breakfast and lunch a child’s family had to be at or below 130% the Federal Poverty Line. To qualify for reduced breakfast and lunch a child’s family had to be at or below 185% of the poverty line. This means families between 185% and 200% of the Federal Poverty Line did not qualify for assistance even though we know that this income range is still considered to be economically disadvantaged.

This means that there are families that cannot afford to feed their children and they go into debt for school meals. There are local school policies that are problematic and actually can make a bad situation worse. We are working for change.

We fight childhood hunger in three ways:

  1. Raise money for families in debt for feeding their children.
  2. Raise awareness about bad policies around school meal debt.
  3. Help change the local policies to be more just and equitable for local students and families.

Please contribute today and every penny will go toward erasing school meal debt in Hampton and Newport News.



Then join us in the fight to make changes!

In 2018, we made 75% of our fundraising goal and we helped erase school meal debt in Newport News and Hampton public schools.  But there was more need.  This year, help us hit our goal of $5,000!

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