Preparing for Florence!

We know you’ve seen the news that Hurricane Florence is headed to the coast of North Carolina and the track shows that it will impact Virginia, specifically our area on the Peninsula.  A Category 4 storm is nothing to play with as we saw Isabel was just a Tropical Storm and did a lot of damage.

The Governor declared a MANDATORY EVACUATION for Zone A.  This means people that live in Zone A need to move to higher ground immediately.  If you need to know your zone, please visit this website: Know Your Zone – Click on the link, enter an address, see what zone it is.

Let’s all commit to taking this storm seriously.  Click on the links below for more info. If we can be of assistance, please let us know by calling Marcia at 757-751-9081

Hampton Specific Information: Evacuation Zones, Shelter Info, Tips on Prep, and more!

Newport News Specific Information: Evacuation Zones, Shelter Info, Tips on Prep, and more!

FEMA Hurricane Prep Tips



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