Junior Activists!


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Earlier this summer the VA BLOC team had the tremendous honor and pleasure to work with students at Hampton University’s – A+ Summer Residential Program. This program is hosted by the Freddye T. Davy. Honors College of which Dr. Sabin Duncan serves as Director. Each summer their program hosts youth ages 13-17 from across the country in a week of leadership development and introduction to college life.

Our work with the HU A+ Summer Program went extremely well! From the moment we started it was truly amazing to watch the youth come together and so attentively digest every word about our work within the community. Through informal conversations we discovered a slew of issues that teens face daily. Their thoughts on change were limitless, not bounded by past civil fights and current political leadership, just great ideas. For 2 days we talked about activism and the students shared issues important to them and crafted advocacy plans. Their thoughtfulness and passion were inspiring.

Delegate Marcia “Cia” Price had the pleasure of talking with the students on the second day to see what they had learned, to view their presentations, and to talk with them about what they can do to be activists when they got home. They were excited about the work they will continue in their respective cities and schools.Working with the HU A+ Summer Program was a great opportunity and truly a treat!! The students were so much smarter and socially aware than we were at their age and they will definitely prosper at whichever college they choose to attend. They are proof that the future of this country will be in good hands. Helping to shape, mold and teach such bright minds from across the US just reminds us that although the world is big, people can come together to make change on issues that affect the well being of everyone.

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