7 Days, 7 Topics: Your Help Is Needed!


Day 6: Your Help Is Needed!

So we are just a few days out from Election Day.  You can do your part and pitch in!  Here are some ideas on how you can help!

Before Election Day:

  • Share VA BLOC’s “7 Days, 7 Topics” emails with your friends and family.  Please make sure they know about the TWO proposed Virginia Constitutional Amendments!


  • Share VA BLOC’s Facebook pages onto your page and make sure your FB friends know the information.


  • Talk to your friends who are thinking about not voting.  Explain the ballot and all that’s included.  This election is not just about one candidate. There are several items being voted on and each carry significance.  We can’t afford to sit out this election cycle.


  • Make sure your friends and family have proper Photo-ID!  If not, they can get a FREE Voter ID from their local registrar’s office!


  • Let the Senior Citizens in your life know about the Yellow Cab Rides to the Polls.  Yellow Cab will provide free rides to the polls on November 8th in Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach.  The free rides are offered for any registered voter over the age of 60 who does not have their own transportation to the polls.  To schedule your ride, call the Peninsula Agency on Aging at (757) 873-0541 by noon on November 7th.


On Election Day

  • Text 10 friends on Election Day, reminding them to vote.


  • Make sure your children see you vote or know that you are voting so they grow up understanding the importance of having your vote count.


  • Offer rides to the polls to people you know who may need a ride.


  • Remind everyone you encounter to remember to vote.


  • You can volunteer for a cause or a candidate on Election Day! Reply to this email today and we can help connect you to the groups or candidates you’d like to help!


  • Use your social media platforms to remind your circles to vote!

Please help spread the information prior to November 8th and then on November 8th remind everyone to vote!


****Don’t forget, you can sign into your Citizen Portal and scroll down to “My Ballot” and click “Show Ballot    +” to see this information based on your address www.tinyurl.com/VACitizenPortal
Vote NO on #1!

For more info on voting, please visit: www.tinyurl.com/VABLOCVoterInfo

If you have any questions, please call us at 757-751-9081 or email MPrice@VA-BLOC.org
Be sure to share this with family and friends in Virginia!
Follow us on our social media pages for more updates!

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