VA BLOC launches in Hampton Roads!


Virginia Black Leadership Organizing Collaborative, VA-BLOC, launched on Thursday, September 1, 2016.  We are a project of New Virginia Majority and are committed to building empowered communities by building Black civic engagement in the Hampton Roads area.  Specifically focused on Newport News, Hampton, and Norfolk, we use a community asset based model to work with citizens to enhance their involvement in their local community.

Our three building BLOCs are:

Voter Engagement

  • Voter Registration, Restoration of Rights, Absentee Ballots
  • Voter Education – Educating on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of voting by hosting workshops and forums on voter information.
  • Voter Mobilization – helping get voters to the right polls to vote.

Civic Engagement

  • Based in our top six issues, we help organize community members to advocate for change at all levels of government by providing training and support toward tangible outcomes.

Leadership Development

  • We can help you use what you’ve learned to make positive change in your community!  We help enhance your leadership skills with workshops and learning opportunities with exposure to new and exciting experiences!

If you’re interested in joining VA BLOC as a Builder of Empowered Communities, please fill out this FORM.  Membership is free.  All we need is your commitment and passion for change.

Also, we are looking to partner with local organizations that will help in these areas.  Potential collaborations can be formed around voter registration, restoration of rights requests, voter education, voter mobilization, leadership development, civics education, grassroots organizing around particular issues, solutions-oriented events and town halls, and leadership development for all ages.  If your organization is interested in partnering, please contact Marcia Price at 757-751-9081 or

Stay connected to our activities and events on our social media pages!

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