Civics Lesson: Treasurer

This November, there will be a crucial election for Treasurer (4-year term) in Hampton and Newport News. For the city of Hampton, this office will be on the ballot for the June 8th Primary. So, we want to highlight some powers and privileges of the Treasurer’s office in this week’s Civics Lesson.

The primary responsibilities of the Treasurer are to:

  1. Collect and account for all tax revenues for the City of Hampton.
  2. Collect personal and business property taxes, real estate taxes, stormwater fees, etc.
    3.Collect parking fines as well as delinquent fines and fees such as library fines, emergency medical services fees, court fines, returned checks, etc.

It is important to have someone in this position who understands that we work hard for our taxpayer dollars so we need to make sure they are accounted for properly and efficiently.

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