Nov 17th: People’s Congress

People's Congress Full-Page.jpg

Virginia is at a turning point: we must organize more than ever to build a mass movement for racial and economic justice — to end mass incarceration, restore and expand voting rights, protect and defend our immigrant families, fight for climate justice, and much more. Join us to celebrate our victories, strategize, and mobilize for a progressive Virginia in 2019!

Travel with us to Richmond to meet with other advocates and champions for change!  We will spend the day learning more about how we can work together to fight for laws that will help our communities in Virginia. Come with us to organize for racial and economic justice to build a just and progressive Virginia!

Transportation and meals provided!

The bus will pick up at our Headquarters that morning. We will provide breakfast items on the bus and lunch at the meeting.

To register for this FREE and important meeting of the minds, go to

If you have any questions, email or text at 757-751-9081


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