Happy New Year!


New Year, New Energy!

 Happy New Year from all of us at VA BLOC! In this season of renewal, we would like to share our wishes for our community for 2018.

 1) Vote – Every eligible person should register to vote, make sure their voter file is updated, and show up to the polls for every election. We also hope that all who are eligible to apply to have their rights restored will do so and then once their rights have been restored by Gov. Northam, they will register to vote and vote.

Register to Vote: vote.virginia.gov

Check Your Voter File: www.tinyurl.com/VACitizenPortal

Apply for Restoration of Rights:  restore.virginia.gov

2) Advocate – We encourage you to figure out your passion and the positive changes you want in your community. Once you have identified those key issues, take the opportunity to learn ways to share your ideas with people in positions of power to make changes.  Strive to advocate for change by contacting at least 12 of your 18 elected officials.

3) Lead – Stay engaged and updated on what is happening in our community. Commit to learning something new about our government, ways you can impact the system, and actions you can take. Find a new leadership role in your community like serving on a local board or commission.

4) Share – Share the wealth of knowledge by teaching others what you learn about voting, government, and advocacy. Also, share our posts, events, and emails with friends and family.

5) Join VA BLOC – Get help with #’s 1-4 by signing up to receive our email updates.  Check our website and social media pages for upcoming events, announcements, and opportunities.

Email Updates: www.tinyurl.com/vabloc

Website: www.va-bloc.org

Facebook: VA-BLOC


Twitter: @VABLOC_HR 



Upcoming Events & Opportunities!




Give With VA-BLOC January 2-12

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