Rides to the Polls for Seniors!

Free Rides to the polls 2017

We are 2 days away from Election Day!! Do you have a ride? In Hampton and Newport News, Yellow Cab is offering free rides to the polls for senior citizens, over 60 years old without their own transportation. To arrange your free ride, contact the Peninsula Agency on Aging by noon tomorrow, Nov 6th, and they’ll help you set up a ride: (757) 873-0541.

You will be asked for your telephone number, pickup address, voting location and requested pickup time. To find your voting location, you can go to IWillVote.com/VA

Taxis will wait while voters cast their ballot and riders will be asked to sign a voucher, but not pay.

Click here for more info:  http://www.appacab.us/free-rides-polls-seniors/

Be sure to pass this along to anyone who may need a ride! Share it with your family, friends, church members, clients, customers, etc!

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