Legislative Update: Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights Legislation Update!

Thank you all for participating in our letter writing campaign! Each and every postcard you filled out got into the hands of a legislator that needed to see it! As you know, we were fighting for the proposed legislation below:

We were urging a YES vote, in support of:
-HB2314: Virginia Personnel Act; equal pay for equal work; policy of the Commonwealth.
-SB1080: Equal Pay irrespective of sex

Both of these bills spoke against the disparity that women face when they enter their perspective careers and their salaries are already at least 20% less than those of their male colleagues, and this gap exponentially increases for Black and Latino women. Unfortunately, neither bill was passed during this session. HB2314 was not passed out of House Subcommittee #4 of the General Laws Committee. SB1080 was killed in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee.

Thank you again for all of your emails, phone calls, postcards and advocacy during the session! Although we may not have received the results we wanted, our efforts did not go unnoticed! We will continue to fight for Women’s Rights!

As we gear up for an extremely important state election in November, we must remember that our elected officials essentially work for us. They are making laws and constitutional amendments that directly affect our way of life here in the Commonwealth. If you are passionate about something, reach out to them and let your voice be heard!

If you are interested in working with the Women’s Rights initiative with VA-BLOC, please contact Alex at AWheeler@newvirginiamajority.org.



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