VA BLOC Marches on Washington!

The team also traveled to DC for the Women’s March.  Read why they marched!

Today was absolutely amazing! It was humbling and breathtaking to see women and men of all ages and physical capabilities make their way out to let their voices be heard. I am so thankful that I was able to share this experience with my VA BLOC team and my boyfriend and especially glad he was able to experience what I am organizing and fighting for on a daily basis. I marched today because I refuse to stay silent while women’s rights and human rights are being taken away from people. -Alex


The march was a lot to take in all at once. What struck me most was the passion and energy of the participants, as well as their creative signs and posters. I marched because I wanted to support my team. -Cameron


My experience today was one I shall never forget. It was an experience that embodied liberation, solidarity and activism. I felt it was my duty to answer the call to unite and make sure my voice was heard and my presence was represented in history. Today I marched because my future depends on it. -Erica


Today was another first, never have I been around such mass of people. The First Amendment was on full display. I marched because I appreciate women. – Darius


Today took my breath away. Women, men, children and elders of every color, we chanted as one. Advocating for the power of choice, Black Lives Matter, the love of all immigrants and LGBTQIA communities – we stood as a united front, despite every “difference” society dramatizes in order to keep us a part. Initially disheartened by the small number of minority women present, I ultimately humbled and quieted my judgement to understand that this was and is a fight for us all. As an empowered woman, I marched because it’s my privilege, right & duty to empower all queens. When harnessed, our power will continue to overcome hate with the most beautiful love. – Simone


Today I Marched for my both of my Great Grandmothers, my Grandmother, my Mother, and my 8 aunts, because without their example of unapologetic strength, pride, and commitment to service I wouldn’t be the Woman I am today.  The Women’s March on Washington was an amazing experience. The energy, the UNITY, the Message that was sent by today’s demonstration allowed those in attendance to leave with a sense of, “I’m not in this Fight alone … I have The People as my allies”. People from different races, backgrounds, cultures. Men, children, young and old from all over the US was in attendance to send a POWERFUL message of Resistance! We will not conform nor normalize hate, lies, and lack of accountability. Today’s March put some wind beneath my wings, ascending my higher into my purpose. Today I Marched for my legacy, my daughters’ future. -LaTonya






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