Can you answer these questions?

Can you answer these questions:

  • Is my voter status “active”?
  • Does my Photo ID name and address match the voter file?
  • What other types of ID are accepted than a driver’s license?
  • Where do I go to vote now that I’ve moved?
  • What times can I vote?
  • Am I eligible to vote absentee by mail and in-person absentee?
  • Do I know what the candidates’ stances are on the issues?
  • Am I familiar with the TWO ballot initiatives and how they affect my life?
  • Am I educated on these topics enough to help educate others?
  • Does my vote really matter?
  • Do I need to register to vote or update my information?
  • Do I need to request for my rights to be restored?

We can help with these questions and MORE!

Even if you’re all set, can you say the same for your family, friends, coworkers, members of your faith community, members of your fraternity/sorority, etc.? Help spread the word about the events. We ALL need to be ready for November 8th!

These events are free and open to the public!










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