We are working on Voting/Elections in three main topics:

  1. Fair & Independent Redistricting
  2. Increased Voter Participation
  3. Increased Awareness of Issues for Elections

We are addressing these topics with the following ACTIONS:

  1. Legislative Advocacy- Help you communicate with your elected officials to share your views on voting rights and election fairness. Urge them to make voting easier, more accessible, and more fair for all Virginians.
  2. Educational Events – Host educational programs to make sure citizens are educated about pertinent issues and candidate stances on said issues. Make sure citizens understand the impacts of gerrymandering.
  3. Voter Registration Drives – Make sure all who can register are registered by the deadline. Make sure all who can apply for the restoration of their rights have applied.

We need your help in the following ways:

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and IG to stay up-to-date on our events and activities.  Like and share our posts!
  2. Participate in our educational events and advocacy opportunities that we host!
  3. Show up to our meetings! We need your input and your perspective as we plan our next steps in advocacy!

Join TODAY! Contact Marcia to join the Empowered Voters group or if you have any questions!


Phone: 757-751-9081