Did you know that…

  • Children are starting school on unequal footing due to unequal access to Pre-K?

  • Some, but not all schools, have Family Engagement Specialists who serve as liaisons between schools and families?

  • the state of Virginia has the highest rates of referring students to law enforcement, which disproportionately impacts Black students and students with disabilities?

Do you also  know you can do something about all of these issues impacting education?Join the VA BLOC Education Advocates!

We are working on Education in three main topics:

  1. Promoting, Protecting and Investing in Early Childhood Education

  2. Facilitating Family & School Engagement

  3. Advocating for Equity and Racial Justice

We are addressing these topics with the following ACTIONS:

  1. Advocacy – Push for the expansion of quality and accessible Pre-K education

  2. Awareness- Spread the word about local Pre-K education opportunities and other learning opportunities for youth

  3. Legislative Advocacy – Help you let your elected officials know where you stand on pending laws that impacts education

  4. Partnerships – Teaming up with schools and communities for events to engage families and schools for better outcomes for students

  5. Service – Partnering with schools and communities to support our students


Contact Cameron to join the EDUCATION ADVOCATES group and with questions and ideas. Email:

Phone: 757-550-1877


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Legislative Updates

4/5/17 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE:   During the letter writing campaign we included many education bills. We would like to give you an update for HB1392 (permits school security officers to carry firearms). We urged a “no” vote for this bill but, if you remember from our last update, unfortunately it passed in the General Assembly and was sent to the Governor. Governor McAuliffe has approved this bill, meaning he signed it into law and it will go into effect July 1, 2017. You can access the text of the bill and history- including the vote counts, here: 

Thank you all for participating in the letter writing campaign and all of your other advocacy efforts! Please stay encouraged! We have to stay engaged. The implementation of this bill will fall on our local leaders, so let’s work with them to make sure our schools stay safe!