Semora Ward, Lead Organizer

Semora Ward was raised in Hampton, VA and is a two-time alumna of the University of Virginia (CLAS ’17, MED ’18). During undergraduate, she studied Psychology and Performance Studies and then went on to receive a Masters In Public Health with a concentration in Policy, Ethics, and Law for her graduate degree. Unlike some more traditional public health frameworks which focus strictly on improving physical health, Semora’s personal practice includes an interdisciplinary understanding of healthy communities through the lens of civics, social theory, feminist theory, and politics. While working at VA BLOC, she hopes to continue her pursuits to develop holistically healthy communities through targeting the social determinants of health which include Social Community and Context, Economic Stability, Neighborhood and Built Environment, Health and Health Care, as well as Education and contribute to a healthier, happier, Hampton Roads.

Phone: (757) 346-9142