Nov. 7th: EIGHT on the Ballot

Nov 7th: Eight on the Ballot

Election Day is November 7, 2017 and we will be electing 8 people to represent us here in Newport News and Hampton! These 8 people will make decisions that impact our lives on issues like criminal justice, education, healthcare, mental health, women’s rights, and voting rights. Make sure you know the responsibilities of each of these 8 individuals!

  • Governor
    • Signs bills so that they become laws by July 1st of that year or sooner
    • Vetoes bills to prevent them from becoming laws
    • Has the power to restore rights (more on that later this week)
  • Lieutenant Governor
    • Breaks ties in the Senate
    • Presides over the Senate
  • Attorney General
    • Lawyer for the state, represents the state for all legal matters
  • Delegates
    • Write & pass bills
    • Elect judges
    • Help create and pass the state budget
  • Sheriff
    • Leads the jails and works to assist with re-entry and lower recidivism
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney
    • Decides which cases the state will prosecute
    • Works very closely with the Attorney General
  • Treasurer
    • Manages money for the city
  • Commissioner of the Revenue
    • Handles the city’s taxes
    • Issues business licenses


As you can see all 8 of these positions impact us in many ways. Make sure you have a say in who these people are! To see who is on your ballot specifically, check your Citizen Portal. Polls are open from 6am-7pm on Election Day, November 7, 2017.


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Election Countdown: Absentee Voting


The countdown to Election Day is on!! Tomorrow we will begin our 7 day countdown! Each day we’ll post pertinent information to make sure you all are well prepared for Election Day!

Today we just want to prime you with a reminder about voting Absentee by Mail. There are a host of reasons that make you eligible to vote absentee including: working military status, disability or illness, conducting business outside of your locality, working and/or commuting for more than 11 hours between the hours of 6 am and 7 pm, taking a vacation outside of your place of residence, and being a student at a university away from your home. (See below for the eligible reasons!)

Tomorrow, October 31st, is the deadline to request an Absentee Ballot by mail.

You may fill out a paper application or submit one online!

See the link for more info:


Absentee Voting Codes


Voter Registration Deadline is TODAY!

In order to vote in the November 7, 2017 General Elections in Virginia, you must be registered to vote by today!  If you have a valid Virginia ID (state issued ID or driver’s license) you can go online RIGHT NOW to and register to vote!  The deadline for online voter registrations is TODAY by 11:59pm.

If you have an out-of-state license but live in Virginia and need to register, you can go to your local registrar’s office and register TODAY by 5:00pm.

In Newport News and Hampton, we are electing EIGHT positions on Election Day.  Don’t sit this one out. It’s too important. Your voice matter and your vote matters but you must be registered in order to cast your vote.

Please call or text us at 757-751-9081 if you have any questions!